Meet our Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Woods recognizes a major problem businesses face every day - manpower. He has experience designing state-of-the-art equipment for applications in aerospace, automation and fluid power. He has founded and been involved with numerous organizations impacting thousands of peoples lives. By combining leadership and technical experience, he is ready to help support your vision for the future.

Meet our Chief Operations Officer

Jess Salinas helps organize and direct current and future developments as Chief Operations Officer. She has a background in Biological Engineering with a concentration in automated systems and food science. She provides valuable insight and direction as a key advisor to Glennwood Group.

Meet our Chief of Technical Operations

As Chief of Technical Operations, Matt Woods creates and sustains technological developments within Glennwood Group. He has experience with Software/Web Development, Music/Video Production, Computer Hardware and Database Administration. He provides valuable insights, allowing the team to make informed decisions.